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Wee Brazen Hussies...
Making the word "Hussy" respectable again, one audience at a time!
Origin of the word "Hussy" - 1520-30; earlier word: "hussive", or "huswive", meaning "housewife",
The Wee Brazen Hussies like to use the current 2nd meaning of the word...a saucy or impudent woman!
We're just a Wee bit Brazen! ~ Deb & Barb

Wee Brazen Hussies are NOT currently performing

They performed in the Lincoln and surrounding region
from March 2004 through December 2011

After much thought, Deb and Barb ended their reign of fun and music
due to increased work and family commitments for Deb. They remain best friends.

Deb's Farewell Speech as MP3

They phased out the Wee Brazen Hussies during the last half of 2011.
Whoozon1st Band (Barb and her husband, Don)
came into being during the same time and they played a few songs
at each Hussies gig so the audiences could appreciate the similarities.

Website: www.whoozon1st.com


Music & Videos from Past Performances
Download/Listen to their CD's, too!

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"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." ~ Howard Thurman

About the Hussies, our Music & our Instruments
8 years of bringing you Music & Fun

Since early in 2004, the Wee Brazen Hussies have been sharing their unique repertoire of music that spans the centuries and the globe. Best described as occasionally tender and frequently saucy renditions of Folk, Celtic & original songs, you can just think of it as great Folk music with a sassy attitude!

Many of our selections are well over 100 years old...even if we aren't...("Barb is actually closer to 100 years than I am!" - Deb), and we're always looking for great songs that most of the audience probably has not heard before.

We intersperse these old tunes with more familiar favorites, add some originals, and toss in just a dash of Hussie Humor as we keep folks singing and laughing along, and being as much a force in our gigs as we are. In fact, when you come to a gig, you'll see that the audience becomes an integral part of the performance, which ensures that everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

You'll also see that every show is different, and our collection of strange and fascinating instruments keeps getting better and better…or at least larger! - see the list below. Well, honestly, Barb thinks they're fascinating; other folks just think they're strange...Oh yes, we play them, too! Try and stop us!!!

All of this makes the Wee Brazen Hussies just a "wee bit" different from other acoustic groups, and keeps the Hussies’ fans growing in number and coming back for more music and fun. 

The Wee Brazen Hussies are based in Lincoln, NE, and perform in southeast Nebraska and beyond. They also host occasional “Hussie House Concerts” for musicians traveling through the area. They are currently taking a little break, but remain best friends and a "return" is not entirely out of the question at some point in the future.


Autoharp, Classical Guitar, Djembe, Penny Whistle, Recorder, Banjo, Mandolin, Bodhrán, Electronic Bagpipes, Keyboard, Strum Stick, Épinette des Vosges, Bongos, Bowed Psaltery, Harmonicas, Harps, Native American Flutes, Bones, Guiro, Bob Stick, Assorted Shakers & Other Nifty Percussion Instruments, and last but not least...
a Nose Flute (Hey, is that a real instrument?...Absolutely!)

Oscar Schmidt Autoharp; Yamaha Classical Guitar; Fehr & Hohner Recorders; LP Djembe & Bongos; Albert Alphonso Bodhrán; William Rees Harps;
Yamaha Keyboard; Hohner Concertina; Hohner & Huang Harmonicas; Baylor Epinette; Deering Banjo; Hondo II Mandolin; Song of the Wood Bowed Psaltery; Ross Electronic Bagpipes; Generation Penny Whistles; Spirit of the Woods Native American Flute,
Robert Sings-With-Wolves Native American Flute;
Sound System...Fishman Solo Amp 220, with Yamaha mixer

Audience Comments about Wee Brazen Hussies
Quick Reference - Past Gigs by Location

  "I liked everything...the great songs...the harmonies...the humor!" | "You two really click!"
"You meet the nicest people at a Hussies Concert-I feel like I know everyone!" | "You sound absolutely fantastic"
 "I love the songs,...you gals are great; where are you playing next" | "You're a real shot in the arm after a tough week"
"We can tell you're having fun up there" | "I really like the arrangements & the harmonies"  | "What's a Nose Flute?"
 "This is so much more fun than the scrap booking party I just left!"  | "How many instruments do you two play!?"
"I never get tired of seeing the Hussies!" | "I haven't laughed that much in ages!"
"You always make me feel happier!" | "Your bodhrán tipper is made out of WHAT!!!"
"Really, what IS a Nose Flute?"

"Hussy" drawing courtesy of Library of Congress
Butterfly & Thistle art courtesy of Tyson at Iron Brush