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What you've heard about Scorpio personalities is true. Why, it's a miracle they can tolerate each other at all, to say nothing of playing music together! But it works!

Admirals in the Great Nebraska Navy
Well, they ARE! But you don't have to salute.

Love Animals
And have multi-pet households to prove it!

Hate Okra
Undoubtedly this is the real key to
their success as a duo!

Love Braunschweiger Sandwiches
Gosh, doesn't everyone!!

Love to Read
And are voracious readers of both serious
and whimsical works!

Have a Wicked Sense of Humor
And have great fun surprising each other during performances!

Get a Huge Kick Out of Being a
Wee Brazen Hussie!

"Don't ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes  you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people
who have come alive." ~ Howard Thurman


Deb is an Executive Assistant to both the Director and the Marketing Director at Eastmont Towers Community in Lincoln.

She has performed folk and original songs in venues around Lincoln for a number of years both as a single act, and as a member of successful groups such as Womenfolk.

She is a prolific songwriter, with her compositions running the gamut from thought provoking to humorous. She has also collaborated with her husband, Steve on several songs. Many of her compositions can be heard at the Wee Brazen Hussies shows.

Deb, like Barb, suffers from MIS (multiple instrument syndrome), although she has a milder form of the disease. She believes Barb has just about enough instruments, and urges her, apparently in vain, to take up a normal hobby, like knitting!

She is one dog year younger than Barb and never misses a chance to remind her of the fact she is so-o-o much younger. In fact, she has been known to encourage the audience to ask if it's a Mother-Daughter act!

Barb is the Web Communication Officer for the Nebraska Department of Roads.

From January of 2003 through September of 2007, each Thursday evening she produced and hosted KZUM's popular, "Celtic Heartland", where she was known for her insightful interviews and broad range of knowledge of Celtic music.

A former member of the contra dance band, Hot Rosin, she is also a Hussie songwriter, although most of her songs tend to be about furry animals and medical procedures.

She suffers from MIS (multiple instrument syndrome). She is not currently seeking a cure.

Barb thinks Deb needs lots more instruments, but she appreciates the fine scarf Deb knit for her!

She is one dog year older than Deb and never misses a chance to use the "older & wiser" line. And it's NOT a Mother-Daughter act!



"Hussy" Drawing courtesy of Library of Congress
Butterfly & Thistle art courtesy of Tyson at Iron Brush Tattoo