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Some of our Favorite Links!

Non-Profits (Your support is always appreciated)

Cedars Youth Services


Lincoln Children's Museum

Lincoln Food Bank

Lincoln Irish Dancers

PlainSong Folk Festival

We Just Like 'Em

Deer Springs Winery

PetFinder.com - A nationwide resource for homeless animals. They have a huge number of homeless animals of all shapes & sizes, fins, feathers, feet...you name it. Check here if you're looking for that perfect member of your family.

Gold Smith Jewelers

Hussey's General Store
in Windsor, Maine -  claims to be the largest general store in the state of Maine. It was founded in 1923 and moved to its present location in 1954. Famous for its slogan, "if we don't got it, you don't need it", Click HERE to see their great sign!

Iron Brush

Licorice International

Thé Cup

Musicians, Friends, & Music Links

Celtic Heartland Radio Show (2003 thru 2007) Not broadcasting anymore, but there are some links on this page, and you can listen to past interviews. Hussie Barb was the voice of Grace McKinley-her grandmother, the producer and host of the show)

Battlefield Band
Bonnie Rideout
Butch & Lucy Krause

Chris Sayre
Connie Dover

Danny Quinn
Denice Franke
Don Bennett

Ellis Island
Four Shillings Short
Janissary Stomp | Chipper Thompson | Roger Landes

Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts
Karen Childress - Artist & Writer
Keith Grotrian
Kusi Taki (Kusi Taki is playing our old Udu Drums!)


Mason Brown
Matthew & Shannon Heaton

Oceans Apart

Sylvia Griffith
The Elders

William Jackson

Albert Alfonso - Maker of bodhráns and drums. Barb has one of his bodhráns and loves it!

Blue Heron Cases - In Barb's opinion, one of the finest cases available! And yes, they make one for almost any instrument you can think of!

Hapi Drums - Hard to describe, but the sound will take your breath away. And you can play them on-line! They are a grat company with first rate customer service.

London Early Music Shop - need a great instrument? Well these folks will probably have it...plus wonderful customer service! Barb has even visited their shop in London. Don't let the fact they are in England stop you from ordering something. They really care about music and musicians! AND, they have a link to WBH on their page!

Hobgoblin Music USA - The US store is located in Redwing, MN. Great, friendly staff, and super service and shipping! Also check out their page with music events held at their unique shop!

McSpadden Dulcimers - Barb and Don were recently given one of these by Don's mom. It's just the best sounding dulcimer! And the folks at the shop are super friendly. Thanks for the chat, Judy!

Oliver Seeler's Universe of Bagpipes - A fine site with loads of info about bagpipes. This is where Barb's Ross Electronic Pipes came from.

Song of the Wood - Located in Black Mountain, NC. Makers of fine handcrafted instruments. Barb's Bowed Psaltery came from here. Highly recommended...great staff and products.

Robinson's Harp Shop & Vermont Strings
William Rees Instruments (maker of the Harpsicles)

Zoukfest - World Music Camp! Not just for bouzouki players! Simply one of the best gatherings of teachers and musicians around!

"Hussy" drawing courtesy of Library of Congress
Butterfly & Thistle art courtesy of Tyson at Iron Brush