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"Alive, Alive O!" - February 2011

This is a nifty little self-produced 18 song CD comprised mostly of selections from our "live" gigs...hence the name of the CD. Along with the music, we've also left a little of the "Hussy Talk" on a few of them, so you can actually get a real feel for what fun we have with our audiences. Our connection with those who attend our gigs is very special, and it's the whole reason we love doing what we do. We think you'll really like this CD!

It features Traditional songs like Buffalo Gal and Coal Key Market, as well as the Colonoscopy Song by Barb, and a recent version of Song for a Spirograph written by Deb and Karen Moore.

ALSO, we've secured the rights for One More Dollar, On the Road, and A Little Bit More, and we've included them, as well.

Email Barb if you want one for $5.00.

"YULE" - Christmas 2009

We wanted to do a Christmas CD with lots of songs that were a little different...some you don't often hear...as well as some "originals". We also did a full color insert and had Disk Maker do the CD's. You can order one on-line using PayPal.

Click HERE for Sound Samples from YULE and to order for only $7.00!

"Sassy Sampler" - 2007 - SOLD OUT. We ran through 300 of these and don't plan to do more. However, you can download all of these Sassy Sampler songs,  FREE in MP3 format BELOW. Please note that the track volumes are not normalized...it's just the songs. Burn your own CD, and enjoy.

Track Listing and Notes (click the name to listen/download)

1. Chanter's Tune - Traditional Scottish Marching Tune
Barb Biffle - soprano recorder; Barb Biffle - bodhrán & wind,  Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies | Yes, Barb did this all by herself, using three tracks, just because she had some new mixing software and nothing else to do late one night! The wind is a particularly eccentric touch! What a Goober!

2. Katy Cruel - Traditional Colonial American Song
Deb Davis & Barb Biffle - vocals; Barb Biffle - guitar
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - Recorded from live interview at KZUM -
Expect some extraneous noises.

3. The Marks of Weakness - Words by Steve Davis; Music by Deb & Steve Davis
Deb Davis - lead vocal; Barb Biffle - harmony vocal, bodhrán & shaker
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - recorded by Terry Keefe

4. Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Traditional
Deb Davis, lead vocal; Barb Biffle, Native American Flute
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - Recorded by Terry Keefe

5. Vinnie the Vole - Words & Music by Barb Biffle
Deb Davis - autoharp; Barb Biffle - vocal & guitar
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - This was Barb's first songwriting effort, written after she discovered 6 dead voles on a morning walk with friends. She decided to write a song about a live vole. Recorded from live interview at KZUM -
Expect some extraneous noises.

6. Amazing Grace - Traditional
Deb Davis - Autoharp; Barb Biffle - Strum stick;
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - Recorded from live interview at KZUM -
Expect some extraneous noises.

7. Cryin' at the River Jordan - Words & music by Deb Davis. Deb Davis - lead vocal & autoharp; Barb Biffle - guitar & harmony vocal. Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies - Recorded from live interview at KZUM - Expect some extraneous noises.

A "Little Bit More"

Crossing to Ireland - Traditional

Wee Brazen Hussies' Music on a YouTube Video! Larkworthy used our Katy Cruel music on one of their videos - very cool.

Beautiful Nebraska - Words & music by Jim Fras
Deb Davis - keyboard & autoharp; Barb Biffle - guitar
Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies
- We were asked to do this instrumental version for a special project a friend was working on for the Nebraska Life Magazine on-line, so we did! The original presentation was a slideshow of the State Capitol with our music in the background. It has gone from their website, but the music is above.

The Pesky Serpent & Trimming the Hedge - Traditional 19th Century Alabama Song, Paired with original tune by Barb Biffle
Deb Davis - harmony vocal, "bob" stick, shaker & djembe; Barb Biffle - lead vocal & strum stick | Arranged by Wee Brazen Hussies | Thanks to Chipper Thompson & Mason Brown for introducing us to Pesky Serpent

Update on the Bo Pelini Song

The song came out in early 2008, and was a hit through the end of the football season. Thanks to all who requested it.  Download the entire original version FREE below.

Listen/Download the Original Version of the Bo Pelini Song, "Ode to Bo"
Tune Traditional Irish Lullaby, "Einini", Words by Barb Biffle; Barb Biffle - guitar & lead vocal; Deb Davis - autoharp & harmony vocal; This is the entire song in MP3 format

Download the Bo Pelini Chorus as a Ringtone for your phone!

Will there be a sequel? We don't know. Perhaps it's best to leave well enough alone?

Great Charlie Horner Tune from our 2009 Holiday Hoopla

This is our annual fundraiser for the Lincoln Food Bank and Cedars Youth Services. We really want you hear this great seasonal song by friend Charlie Horner, performed for the first time at the Hoopla. Backing by The ReGifters!

"Don't Come Down My Chimney Tonight"
Words by Charlie Horner, Vocal & Mandolin-Charlie Horner
Sax-Mike Barna, Dobro-John Baylor


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